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UltraTune Peakhurst mechanic workshop is centrally located on Boundary road. Our workshop has an impressive history with a long track record of customer satisfaction. Our Peakhurst mechanic business is ready and waiting to work on your vehicle. We work on all vehicles and have a wide range of skills and equipment onsite. Read on to learn more about what we can do for your vehicle.

Our Peakhurst mechanics are experienced and kept up to date with regular training modules via Automate. This investment in our valued team members helps to ensure that your vehicle will be back on the road faster and better equipped than ever before.

Peakhurst Pink Slips

If your light vehicle such as a passenger car is over five years old, by law you’ll need an annual safety inspection. The Peakhurst eSafety check needs to occur before your vehicle can be registered. The program is designed to ensure that all vehicles meet minimum safety standards before a registration renewal. Other vehicles, trucks and trailers are governed by different regulations. If you’re unsure as to what you need to do for your vehicle, please contact us and we’ll be able to walk you through it.

What we can do for you

A log book service by your Peakhurst Mechanic will not void your new car warranty. This is enshrined in law. No ifs or buts. Remember its your car and you do have a choice in which automotive professional services your vehicle. Furthermore, only high quality parts and fluids are used by UltraTune Peakhurst offering additional peace of mind. You’ll find that we’re fast, efficient and most importantly cost effective. So why not give your local Peakhurst mechanic the chance to service your vehicle?

How are the brakes on your car? Any problem stopping quickly in an emergency situation? If you lack confidence in your brake pedal, come and see your friendly Peakhurst mechanic to put you at ease. Our experienced team work on brake servicing everyday and can ensure your brake pads aren’t too worn and most importantly your brake fluid is fresh and topped up. Next time you need to stamp on the brake pedal quickly, you’ll thank the team here at UltraTune Peakhurst.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is vital to maintaining vehicle stability at high and low speeds because of its direct link to your car’s safety. Modern cars have very sophisticated systems that need constant attention. In fact, Monroe and other leading automotive experts recommend you have a trained specialist inspect your suspension system for signs of wear every 20,000 km. When was the last time that your Peakhurst Mechanic paid some attention to your suspension?

Searching for Peakhurst Tyres? Look no further as we stock a full range of Peakhurst Tyres for all types of vehicles. With expert advice and full range of inventory, you’ll be in safe hands at UltraTune Peakhurst.

Ultra Roadside is our specialist roadside assistance program that our valued customers receive tremendous value from. There is even an app to download to keep handy next time your in need. Our mobile app allows you to request assistance whenever you need it most. Download the Ultra Roadside app today. With Ultra Roadside we’ll be there for you 24 hours 365 days a year.

Peakhurst Air Conditioning Servicing

Is your air conditioning running a little warm because it hasn’t been serviced for a long time? Your Peakhurst mechanic can check the complete functioning of your air conditioning system. Our usual steps that are required when servicing an air conditioning system are;

  • Check cooling and overall operation
  • Carry out visual checks for leaks and receiver-dryer contamination
  • Check system pressures
  • Check and adjust compressor drive belt
  • Clean condenser
  • Evacuate system via recovery station and recharge
  • Re-check performance

You’ll be as cool as a cucumber after your Peakhurst Mechanic services your car’s air conditioning system.

Get in touch today to book your next service

To make an enquiry or book an appointment with our Peakhurst mechanics, either call us on (02) 9579 3888 or complete our booking form. We look forward to working on your vehicle.